Farmland rotavator has been designed to work in both soft & hard soil conditions. Its unique design allows it to operate with minimum vibration in the field as well as less operating load on the tractor, So automatically decreasing the consumption of fuel. Farmland rotavator using four speed gear box.

Farmland rotavator using double sealed bearing providing better protection from dust and wet soil application. Multi Speed gear box allows the uses to configure the rotavator for optimum operation as per requirements by changing the back gear. Farmland rotavator is also available in single speed gear box configuration. The helical arrangements of blades allow for better cutting of soil helping in better pulverization. The working depth is adjustable from the side skid assembly from 3″ to 8″.

  • Multispeed Gear box compatible with both 540 & 1000 rpm.
  • Blade made of special born steel for extended life and better quality.
  • Helical blade arrangement for better efficiency and results.
  • Heavy trailing board with spring shock absorbers.
  • Adjustable depth skid to active more tilling depth.
  • Hardened gears for longer life and smooth operations.
  • Side disc available.
  • PTO shaft with shear bolt to avoid overload on gear & Tractor.
  • Double seal pre lubricated bearing to avoid damage caused by mud & water.
  • Special high tensile fasteners
  • Gear box used 4- speed.
  • Unique design, compatible with majority of tractor models.


Sr.No. Description DM-RT150 (5 Feet) DM-RT175 (6 Feet) DM-RT 200 (7 Feet) DM-RT 225 (8 Feet)
1 Tractor power 35-45 HP 45-55 HP 55-65 HP 65 & Above
2 Over all width 175 cm 200 cm 225 cm 250 cm
3 Tillage width 150 cm 175 cm 200 cm 225
4 Gear Box Multi/Single speed Multi/Single speed Multi/Single speed Multi/Single speed
5 Side Transmission Gear drive Gear drive Gear drive Gear drive
6 P T O Speed 540/1000 rpm 540/1000 rpm 540/1000 rpm 540/1000 rpm
7 Rotor Speed 162-230 rpm 162-230 rpm 162-230 rpm 162-230 rpm
8 No.Blade 36 42 48 54
9 Gear Box over load Shear Bolt Shear Bolt Shear Bolt Shear Bolt
10 Total wt.(without PTO & Oil) 438 kg 468 kg 498 kg 528 kg

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